Biden Administration Misses Deadline for Report on Gaza Actions

U.S. President Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden. Credit | Getty images

United States – The Biden administration was not able to meet the Wednesday deadline to report to the Congress on whether Israel was using weapons provided by US against Palestinians in Gaza, according to four sources disclosed on Tuesday, an indication of US concern over the use of its weapons.

Concerns Mount Over Use of US-Supplied Weapons

The administration of Biden, however, has not yet submitted a complete report to Congress on Israel’s activities in Gaza.  Rather, it has only been able to share certain details, raising growing concerns, especially the issue of the use of the US-supplied weapons which might possibly play a role in the violation of international humanitarian law, as reported by Reuters.

Political Arraying Assaults Report Commissions

In contradiction to initial statements of report completion within the promised time frame the administration has later informed congressional committees of the reporting delay which has triggered the questions about the possible political reasons behind the incident and the potential consequences for the US-Israel diplomatic relations. Conjectures are rife regarding the reason behind this actual event, from possible links with a bigger geopolitical situation, to the worries about the credibility of the Israeli guarantees.

Calls for Transparency and Accountability

Congress and government officials in particular underline that the report’s credibility and supporting evidence should be at the heart of it all, implying that transparency and accountability are needed in the evaluation of Israel in accordance with the United States’ military aid laws and the principles of international humanitarian law. The inability to file the report on time has prompted anew criticisms of the American procedures of supervision with regard to the case of military assistance to different countries and its capacity to match the standards of legality and moral.

Debates Over US Support for Israel Intensify

The delay in the report has only come to reinforce the strong calls within the President’s own party for a retrospective look at the decades old policy of unconditional military aid to Israel. Citing the lack of trust in the Israeli assurances, the strength of the consequences due to a possible US aid delivery disruption to Gaza, the growing number of lawmakers urged for a review of the US-Israel relations and a more balanced method of military support. The report’s submission delay has added more ammunition to these conversations, evoking discussions on how far the current aid initiatives continue to go and the broader implications for the US foreign policy in the Middle East, as reported by Reuters.

Humanitarian Concerns Amid Delay

As the end of the reporting term comes and goes, humans in Gaza go on struggling from the situation of famine, which adds urgency to the current issue. The foundations of the conflict have been laid against the backdrop of this turmoil, which has increased efforts from international institutions to deal with the root causes of the crisis and mitigate suffering of the most vulnerable. The lack of report’s timely delivery highlights the demand for quick and decisive response which can help to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and also prevent further violence in the region.