Biden highlights stability in US-China relations at APEC Summit

President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping | Credits: Reuters
President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping | Credits: Reuters

United States: At the APEC Summit, President Biden highlighted the importance of stability in the relationship between the US and China, emphasizing key areas such as AI advancement and climate change.

President Biden reassured participants at the APEC Summit about the enduring strength of the ties between the United States and China, emphasizing that these connections are not only vital for regional stability but also for global harmony.

Addressing the assembly of 21 nations, President Biden asserted, “Our commitment remains unwavering,” signifying the US dedication to fostering stability and collaboration among APEC member countries.

The commencement of the summit brought a sense of relief following the face-to-face meeting between President Biden and Xi Jinping, held in a lavish estate outside San Francisco. Reports indicate both leaders pledged efforts to prevent potential rifts and agreed to reinforce military relations while addressing concerns like the flow of drug fentanyl into the US.

Visual Representation | Flags of United States and China | Credits: Freepik

In their discussions, President Xi and Biden acknowledged the necessity of reconstructing military ties and ensuring measures to curtail the inflow of drug fentanyl from China to the United States.

During their interaction, President Biden highlighted the significance of US engagement in the Pacific when queried by President Xi, stressing that the US’s presence has contributed to peace and security in the region, facilitating China’s growth.

Looking ahead to the upcoming days of the summit, President Biden emphasized a focus on artificial intelligence, climate resilience, and supply chain stability. He noted that the current challenges require a distinct approach from those encountered by past APEC leaders.

President Biden also indicated efforts by the Biden administration to reinforce ties with China while acknowledging concerns among APEC nations regarding Beijing’s expansionist policies.

Furthermore, several bilateral discussions took place during the APEC Summit sidelines. Mexico and China initiated diplomatic talks, deemed significant by the Mexican foreign minister. Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is set to meet with President Biden to address concerns about the flow of fentanyl from Mexico to the US.

Despite labeling President Xi as a “dictator” following their meeting, President Biden acknowledged the warm reception Xi received from US business leaders during a dinner event, where he was greeted with applause and appreciation.