Biden Secures Senior Group Support for Re-election

U.S. President Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden. Credit | Getty images

United States – On Wednesday, three Democratic-aligned elder advocacy groups endorsed Biden for another term in the White House after he considered lobbying to strengthen his support base among seniors, who could help make up for a relatively weaker turnout from Black/Latino voters.

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare (NCPSSM), which has endorsed the Democratic candidate in its 38-year history and supported Biden in the 2020 vote; Social Security Works PAC; and the bipartisan National United Committee to Protect Pensions announced that they will support Biden in 2024, as reported by Reuters.

Endorsements from Influential Organizations

The endorsements, which were unknown before, came after the January endorsement of Biden by the 4.4 million strong America’s Alliance for Retired Americans.

A committee stated that Biden had sought to preserve earned benefits for seniors.

On Tuesday, the Biden campaign began the Seniors for Biden Harris program, with more than a dozen events planned for the week, from bingo nights to pickleball tournaments with senior administration personnel.

Importance of Senior Voters

Older Americans could matter significantly in the election since they vote even more than any other age segment and represent nearly 10 million voters in not only the big election swing states, which include Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada but also those that are swing states in specifically conducted elections.

Guhar Psihoyos/Barcroft Media via Getty Images generally endow Republicans, yet the growing support among seniors could benefit the Democrat, Joe Biden, the oldest president of the United States, whose approval rating dropped to the lowest level in nearly two years in May, as reported by Reuters.

Demographic Context

The population aged 65 years and above totaled about 56 million during the 2020 census, representing roughly 17% of the United States’ total population. Whites of that age voted for Trump by 7 points in 2016, while Biden’s lead is by 5 points in 2020, and an April NBC News poll reveals he is slightly ahead.