House Speaker Johnson’s Strategic Meeting with Trump Behind Closed Doors!

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson
U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson. Credit | REUTERS

United States: House Speaker Mike Johnson will stand Friday with Donald Trump at an appearance that will amplify the former president’s most damaging falsehood – allegations that America’s election is a democratic disaster because it is deluged with fraud.

House Speaker’s meeting with true power in GOP

With Trump announcing his re-election and set to soon face the challenges from those seizing the party’s leadership in the lower and upper houses of Congress, the most powerful elected Republican is expected to meet the true power in the GOP at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, as the CNN reported.

He used this time to explain how the race had moved on without him and why it was now nearly impossible to promote himself as the winner. It also took place three days before Trump, presumably the Republican Party presidential nominee, entered a New York case related to the hush money payment to the adult film star to testify at court as the first ex-president.

And the next legal twist in the Trump trial will be at Cape Canaveral on Friday when he gives a speech in front of 2 million people. Two co-accused of Trump seeking to get the case dismissed will have it decided upon by Judge Aileen Cannon, nominated by Trump, who, among other things, manages the pre-trial slowly, thus extending the adjudication timeline beyond November’s elections.

Johnson and Trump’s meeting is for “election integrity”

Donald Trump and U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson. Credit | Getty images

The topic, as announced in the joint Friday public statement by Johnson and Trump, is “election integrity” – the umbrella term under which lies and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election will become the base of Trump’s run for the presidency in 2024.

For a very long time, the cost for Republicans who would like to have Trump’s backing is a willingness to propagate the fictional stolen election myth. Accordingly, Johnson’s trip to Trump’s private residence could be arguably referred to as the equivalent of a down payment on a stay as Speaker if the outgoing president opposes his dismissal.

Moreover, the two GOP leaders are also likely to attract the so-called state proposals and lawsuits allowing noncitizens to vote, as CNN reported.

Some cities or jurisdictions only allow noncitizens to vote in nonfederal elections, such as for school board members. However, federal law deems noncitizens ineligible to vote in the federal elections, and those who attempt to make a change might face fines, imprisonment, and even deportation.

Albeit the statement above, there are many voting rights organizations that claim we have not yet hit the real issue. The State of Georgia with around 8 million registered voters was also capable of a statewide audit and concluded that 1,634 possible noncitizens attempted to register to vote between 1997 and early 2022 but all failed.