Trump’s hardline stance on immigration vs Biden’s Policy reform approach

Former President Donald Trump's anti-immigration campaign
Former President Donald Trump's anti-immigration campaign. Credit | REUTERS

United States: The video posted on the social media platform by the former president, included music from a horror movie, along with footage of people from various countries like Cameroon, Afghanistan, and China- as these nations’ national flags can be seen in the video.

Frames of men with tattoos and videos of crime incidents are played with images of people who are smiling and covering themselves with American flags.

According to the AP News, in the video, Trump can be seen stating, “They’re coming by the thousands,” and, “We will secure our borders. And we will restore sovereignty.”

With his tweets and other online posts, Trump has been running an anti-immigration campaign in his bid for a third time as president.

In his speeches, he asserts that migrants are criminals and that they are “poisoning the blood” of America. Using this strategy of playing into race and nationalism, his messages often rely on falsehoods about migration.

Yet these are the people who really believe in him, and they come all the way back to his first rallies, when “build the wall” became a rallying cry, as AP News reported.

President Biden’s view on Border dispute

Visual Representation of President Joe Biden. Credit | AP Photo

However, President Joe Biden and his allies on the border have very contrasting points of view. The Democrat says the problem is a policy dispute that Congress can fix and criticizes the Republicans in Washington about the deal over border security, which they backed off after Trump’s protest.

Do Americans support the current border situation?

Currently, nearly sixty percent of American people are no longer supportive of how he is handling immigration through the border, including up to 40 percent of Democrats, 55 percent of black people, and almost three-quarters of Hispanic Americans, as per AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research polling done in March.

The Pew Research Center recently conducted a poll showing that 45 percent of Americans falsely rated the situation as a crisis, while the others (32 percent) ranked it as a major problem.

Veta Boyce, a Chicago-based racial justice campaigner, was among the group that showed signs of dissatisfaction with Biden’s immigration policies along with the town’s sheltering efforts as they try to accommodate the migrants who have just arrived.

She advocated that instead of the Democrats concentrating on economic development in Black communities, they should be trying to attract ambitious and talented people.

Boyce added, “They’re sending us people who are starving, the same way Blacks are starving in this country. They’re sending us people who want to escape the conditions and come here for a better lifestyle when the ones here are suffering and have been suffering for over 100 years,” AP News reported.

Added further, “That recipe is a mixture for disaster. It’s a disaster just waiting to happen.”