This decision might be considered as one of the first steps to classify college athletes as employees who are free to get paid minimum wage.

The bill is unpopular and is likely to fail in passing in the Senate dominated by Democrats.

The case of Sentinel is just a pointer to other daunting problems in the Air Force modernization

The survival of this nationwide ban or noncompete agreements by the FTC is still under a lot of legal controversy and more court decisions.

The legal issues surrounding the Capitol insurrection investigation and political implications, including Steve Bannon’s next prison term.

Bernie and Putin disagree over some policies as Torres and Bowman fight, changing the Democratic Primary’s dynamics.

In drug offenses, the Supreme Court ruling permits the expert evidence of defendant’s mental condition, thus supporting the Rosalia Diaz decision.

The DOJ’s recent failure to bring contempt charges against AG Garland also points toward this issue due to political debate.

Certainly, the ruling of the Supreme Court is always surrounded by discussions concerning free speech and trademark in political matters.

Biden’s strategic focus on the seniors’ voting population may be crucial for the Democratic party in the 2024 election.