The USD 1.2 trillion spending bill passed by president Biden is finally the answer to a long speech of government shutdown.

As the debate unfolds, stakeholders continue to grapple with the intersection of reproductive rights, legal decisions, and political dynamics.

While the bipartisan bill on border security and foreign aid meets resistance and discussions, challenges of addressing border problems.

Nearly $130 million has been accumulated by Donald Trump's political operation during the final months of 2022.

United Auto Workers Union's (UAW) leader endorsed US President Joe Biden at a legislative conference with a fiery speech.

The Biden administration faces a crucial decision on the Louisiana LNG export project, Venture Global Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2), with environmental concerns mounting.

With Trump’s continued lead in Republican presidential nomination race, US isolationism has become bigger than ever for countries that are not his biggest supporters.

Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday that she will not participate in the next Republican presidential debate unless former President Donald Trump does.

Defense secretary Austin underwent prostate cancer after developing complications; experts say black men are 70% more likely to be diagnosed.