Biden Administration Reveals Spectrum Study Plan

The Biden administration
The Biden administration. Credit | REUTERS

United States – The Biden administration on the day before yesterday expounded through a detailed schedule the plan of study for the important government-owned spectrum, which aims at helping expand the wireless technology uses and other fields.

NTIA Sets Timeline for Spectrum Utilization

According to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which on the 9th of November made a call for new plans regarding how the spectrum is utilized, the timeline to consider the opening of some spectrum bands, including the Lower 3 GHz is being set up for “the relocation of airborne radars and other federal systems in this band to allow for commercial use.”

The study of the 3 GHz band at the ground level is anticipated to be done or published in October 2026, while a study on the 7/8 GHz spectrum band will be finished too, as reported by Reuters.

“We must provide the spectrum access needed for federal agency missions while addressing the private sector’s need for greater spectrum access, which is required to maintain and improve our global competitiveness and sustain economic growth,” the implementation plan first reported by Reuters says.

Spectrum Auction Authority

In March 2023, Congress let the FCC’s authority to conduct spectrum auctions lapse for the first time in thirty years. This followed a long period of debate on whether the spectrum being used by the Army could be repurposed or shared.

“Spectrum is a scarce national resource,” said NTIA Administrator Alan Davidson in an interview. The goal is to ensure there is a wide spectrum for public and private sector needs. What we needed is a step-by-step plan for how we are going to implement that mission.”

A spectrum demand is kicking up intensely due in part to technological innovations like drones and self-driving cars, moon missions, and precision farming. Last year saw mobile US wireless data traffic grow by 38%, or the biggest leap compared to all other years.

Legislative Proposal to Address Spectrum Allocation

On Monday, two senators proposed the legislation that NTIA will identify federally controlled at least 2500 megahertz of mid-band spectrum that may be reallocated among non-federal or share use purposes by the end of five years, as reported by Reuters.

Lastly, three other senators also appealed to the Biden administration not to remove the spectrum formerly with the Department of Defense to be used for military radar systems in order to fill the gap with more commercial wireless networks.